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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need an accountant?


Accountants provide expertise that go beyond a bookkeeper's ability. You may want to speak to an accountant to explore the different supports they can offer your business in addition to our services. 

A Note about Financial Statements: 

As your bookkeeper, we will provide you with financial reports that you can use to run your business. Outside Stakeholders like banks or the CRA may require added credibility/assurance. This is done through an external review or an audit. 

  • Compilation Financial Statements are financial reports you use to run your business. 

  • A Review provides less assurance than that of an audit. Generally, review engagements will be required by banks or financing companies where an audit is not required by law, but they wish to have some assurance beyond a notice to reader on the content of the financial statements

  • Audit Engagements add the most credibility to your Financial Statements. The objective of an audit is to express an opinion on whether the financial statements present fairly

What Accounting Software do you Use? 

We work with Sage 50 (desktop), Quickbooks Online or Sage Business Cloud. 

How do you price your service? 

We charge a flat fee to complete the services you require each month. Never any surprise bills! To receive a Free Instant Online Quote, follow the link or click the button at the top of this page. We'd love to hear more about your business. Click here to Book a Meeting Time

What's the difference between Virtual and On-Site bookkeeping services?

On-site bookkeeping is when we provide bookkeeping services at your office using your equipment. Traditional bookkeeping is when we pick up your source documents or you drop them off and we have face to face contact. Virtual bookkeeping is when everything in our engagement happens through the internet. Virtual bookkeeping is becoming the new "norm" in the industry. Source documents are submitted electronically, face to face meetings happen over Skype, and our clients have access to their Financial information at all times. 

What is a Paperless Office?

Our clients are encouraged to submit their source documents electronically. There are many ways of doing this; (we train if required). Documents like bank statements are usually available electronically. Whenever possible, we choose to skip making paper. All electronic files are stored securely and confidentially. The CRA accepts digital copies. More here. 

Can I pay my employees through direct deposit?

Absolutely!! Any fees incurred will depend on your banking institution.

I don't need all the services of a financial department. Are your services for me? 

Of Course! Give us a call and let us know what you need. 

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