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Hello and Welcome!

Here's a little about the Owner of Harmony Ledger. 

Bev Allen, Owner

Bev is a Bookkeeper, Peace Student, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Leader, Dog Lover, & an INFJ....


Bev began her bookkeeping journey in 2002 at Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario. In those early years, she volunteered in the community by doing books for several non-profit organizations. In 2015, she was employed as a full cycle bookkeeper. This is when her life purpose "clicked" and her desire to serve business owners with her skills and knowledges was born. She's a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with the Institute of Professionalisms Bookkeepers of Canada, and a Payroll Compliance Practitioner with the Canadian Payroll Association. 

Peace Student 
Typical for those with an INFJ personality type (Advocate), Bev has real passion for positive, resilient, & thriving communities. In 2014, she returned to College and earned a diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies. She learned how to analyze systems, identify what's not working, and then implement solutions to help people have a better experience. Not surprising, the driving goal of Harmony Ledger is to help business owners have a great experience when it comes to the financial management of their business.  


Bev believes bookkeeping is her "art". She finds great enjoyment and satisfaction in compiling financial data and creating reports that her clients use to run their businesses. Being able to use her skills to serve others is the soul of Harmony Ledger Bookkeeping Solutions. 

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